Wela: Conversation Makes Advice Powerful

Matt interviews with Financial Advisor Magazine to discuss Wela and Benjamin.

Matt says “Making more profitable advisors means being more efficient with communication and process management, and that’s what Benjamin helps with. Streamlining the whole process, from getting the paperwork to and back from the client, getting it to the custodian, following up with the client, creating transparency – that’s a niche process within a financial advisor relationship that Benjamin helps to solve.”

Below is an excerpt of the article:

“Today, big buzzwords such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are appearing in wealth management increasingly often. Wela is one of the companies that are delivering AI in a brand-new way. While competitors promise to boost their strategies exclusively with AI, Wela empowered their communication module to make the user experience unique. For details about the implementation, I talked with Matt Reiner (CEO) and Hesom Parhizkar (CTO), who know all the ins and outs of Wela.

Matt grew up in a financial advisory family, with his dad and brother in traditional wealth management. With his brother, Mitch, they started Wela about nine years ago. Four years later, they started the technology division of it, which soon evolved into an enterprise solution. Their differentiator is a communications platform called Benjamin that enables RIAs to have improved external communication beyond the client portal via text messaging. Before that, ten years ago, he joined Capital Investment Advisors, another wealth-management company, as a partner.

Hesom also has a considerable wealth-management track record. He has been in the technology industry for almost 20 years, the last 10 of which he has been building FinTech solutions. In particular, he spent nine years at eVestment, where he went all the way from software developer to VP of Technology. He joined Wela approximately two and a half years ago and is now focused on implementing innovation into the existing platform.”

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