Matt Featured In Gaining Perspective Podcast: The Technology Gap in the Advisory Profession

Financial firms are not growing and not adapting as quickly as businesses in other industries. Slow to employ new technologies, look at client segmentation, and consider new outlets for client growth, the financial industry seems stuck in a bygone era.

Here is a link to our upcoming Thought Leader Summit, where you can sign up for the session Matt is hosting on August 24 at 12:30 pm ET. Here is a link to the Benjamin website. Here is a link to the site, which Matt created to serve his passion to help other financial advisors grow in their knowledge of practice management, help them evaluate their technology needs, and inform them on what’s new in the industry. On this site, you will find the Bridging the Gap Podcast, where Matt talks with top industry leaders about emerging trends, client best practices, and challenges financial firms face every day.

Read the Advisor Perspectives article here.