Matt Reiner Speaks on The Future Of BizTech Podcast

Matt Reiner joins host, JC Granger on The Future Of BizTech podcast to discuss Benjamin and scalability. In this episode, Matt explains his “why” as well as how Benjamin is the AI-powered software to successfully scale and power your day-to-day work life.

In JC and Matt’s discussion, Matt says “What is happening in this industry is all about scalability, right? We are faced with challenges of how do we deliver more services, more value, and even greater servicing to more families. The one thing about this business that is never going away in my opinion, is the human financial advisor, despite technology evolution, which I’m a huge believer in and the robos and Robinhoods out there.

The human financial advisor, given that money and wealth is so emotional and driven by emotions. Technology doesn’t have the EEQ capability to help walk someone off the ledge. And so humans are so impactful in the concept of wealth management and helping people realize their financial goals. Uh, because it’s a lot more than just investment management. And so what we realized is we said in our firm, how do we allow ourselves to get more time with our clients? Because we found ourselves spending 40% of our day-to-day doing menial mundane tasks. I was going in between different technologies following through on different processes. And it was time-consuming and kept us from what our unique value proposition was, which is. Building that relationship. And so that’s what we set out to accomplish. And, you know, thankfully I had an understanding of the business and I was fortunate to have some success in helping families. And I was able to bring that over to the technology business. And we set out to solve these two challenges within our two businesses on the registered investment advisory side first.”

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