Financial Advisors Increasing Their Profitability With Benjamin CEO, Matt Reiner

Benjamin CEO, Matt Reiner discusses the use of his Financial Advising Digital Assistant and how it increases advisors’ profitability.

Benjamin is an AI that helps you, a financial advisor, by taking care of the daily mundane tasks that come with the job leaving you with more productive time with your clients.

“Time is our most valuable asset. How we spend it or invest it can have a big impact on our business and our clients’ lives. Unfortunately for most financial advisors there are tasks that suck up this valuable time asset everyday without generating a very high return. Yet.. advisors don’t have the option of not completing these tasks. They may be routine, mundane, and time consuming but they still need to get done. So advisors just deal with it. But do they have to?

In this week’s episode of the Modern Financial Advisor PodcastMatt Reiner, CEO of Benjamin shares how the company’s digital virtual assistant for financial advisors uses artificial intelligence to free up this time spent on routine tasks and streamline processes for closing business faster.”

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