Marketing Automation Secrets For Advisors

So, you’ve given it a lot of thought and have reached a decision. You’re finally ready to take things to the next level. You have decided to put technology to work for you and are committed to investing in the newest software. 

That’s brilliant.

Because time is critical to success as a financial advisor. Sure, your knowledge and expertise are invaluable. But unless you invest time in connecting with your clients on a deeply personal level, you can’t fully apply all that skill. Having more time to dedicate to clients and prospects makes that possible.

Remember, the more time you can free up from the drudgery of executing menial but necessary tasks, the more opportunity you have to grow your client base and achieve your personal wealth management goals.

The question now becomes: How do I pull all these powerful techno-features together and make them work to my best advantage? Just what software should you use? That’s a good question. Because while there are many great products out there, having them all work in synch is essential to your time-saving strategy.

For instance, there’s Zapier, whose internet-based software programs let you better manage your various technology tools. It allows your clients to book meeting times that work best for them, saving you an endless round of email tag.

Another example of a successful technology is Wealthbox CRM. Many financial advisors are finding it easier to adopt CRM (client relationship management) techniques thanks to its mud pie simple approach. Wealthbox’s activity stream on its dashboard is like a private social network that allows remote teams to communicate and collaborate with incredible ease. Many users report its interface is intuitive, making it easy to adopt. In one fell swoop, the entire team is kept abreast of all client activity.    

On top of that, some advisors find unifying Zapier and Wealthbox CRM creates a potent combination that takes them to new heights in their CMR experience. 

And of course, there is also benjamin. This is a business support system that simplifies your daily routine by making your workflow smoother and easier via coordinating multiple functions. It covers five main areas of client relations: prospecting, meetings, onboarding, proactive maintenance, and knowing your client by automating and completing over 100 different tasks.

Benjamin frees up your daily calendar by integrating your current technology, so it works effortlessly and seamlessly for you. From custodians, portfolio management, and even CRM, it has you covered by synchronizing them into the practical, useful data you need.

But whichever software you ultimately decide to go with it, it eventually comes down to this:  Automation is only successful if you have prepared your processes clearly. It’s not a magic solution that will make your problems go away all by itself. Instead, it can take your good organization and make it better, and then take better and turn it into the best.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about simply throwing more financial data at your clients. It is about knowing each one as a unique individual and truly understanding in detail not only what they want to do with their investments (their goals) but the forces that drive them to do it (their motivation). 

That is the distinction that separates average wealth managers from the superstars of our profession. Mastering it can not only go a long way toward advancing your career; it can also be the “secret formula” that fuels your success.

And the first step in making that happen is selecting the right software, followed by making sure all the various pieces of this new technology are working smoothly and in harmony with one another. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful music they can make when they’re all singing the same tune!