Ep 94: The Importance of Technology and Marketing with Frantz Widmaier

Frantz Widmaier, CEO of Bill Good Marketing, joins me on this episode of Bridging The Gap. We travel back through time to discuss the floppy disk, staying current with the latest technologies, the importance of finding your niche, and some LinkedIn do’s and don’t’s to increase your engagement and increase your brand’s visibility. 

We also dive into what makes your CRM powerful and valuable to you and your firm. Filled with immense wisdom, knowledge, and eye-opening thoughts about technology and marketing, you’ll want to tune in for this episode. 

Frantz Widmaier Bio:

Frantz loves technology, electric vehicles, space travel and driving fast if possible. He is responsible for the long term vision of the company, the development and implementation of the software our company delivers and is very excited about how AI will be able to help our clients grow faster.

  • Grew up speaking 3 languages
  • Loves video games, spending time with his wife and kids, hates yard work.
  • Was a professional composer (wrote more than 100 songs), and has decided he is going to space for his 50th birthday.

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About the Show

Bridging the Gap is a financial podcast hosted by CEO Matt Reiner focused on bringing together leaders from the finance and the technology industries to focus on innovating the financial services industry.