Ep 93: Shifting the Focus of Investments with Christopher Music

Christopher Music, wealth coach and thought leader in the financial industry, joins me from sunny St. Petersburg, Florida during this episode of Bridging The Gap. We discuss how to become more income focused versus focusing on your client’s investments. Music also shares new ways to add value to your clients and helpful tips on building your brand. 

We also dive into the importance of the idea for advisors to move from investment advisors and helping people make money on their investments to helping people make money on their income. 

This conversation may make you think differently about a few things – I know it did for me. 

Christopher Music Bio:

Christopher is a 29-year veteran of the personal financial planning profession. He has owned and sold two firms since 1992, resulting in the improvement of the financial destinies of thousands of families in the US. He is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, international speaker and podcaster on financial topics. A Certified Business Consultant, Registered Financial Consultant® and a Certified Business Exit Consultant® , he is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise in the fields of personal finance and economics for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

He has shared the stage and/or collaborated on projects with Grant Cardone, Forbes Riley, Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Russ Whitney and other leading coaches and consultants.

After creating Econologics® the industry’s first scientifically-based financial planning system, he has continued to innovate new services for financial advisors and small business owners with his current project, Taxnetics , an intelligently simple approach to tax planning. He also works with a real estate development company in the area of asset management and project funding.

Christopher currently lives his life virtually as a nomad, travelling the world full time as a real estate investor and a financial consultant harnessing the power of the internet.

He can be reached at pchristophermusic@gmail.com.

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