Ep 82: Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Network and Niche with Charlie Van Derven

About the Topic

Joining us from the sandy beaches of Florida, Charlie Van Derven, the Founder of Social Advisors and LinkedIn Guru, walks us through his vision of social media years ago and what he saw social media developing as on the horizon. 

Charlie takes us through the challenges advisors face with content marketing, building your LinkedIn network and niche, and the importance of a simple message to a new connection right after it’s made on LinkedIn. He also talks us through tools to help advisors overcome and stay committed despite the drawbacks of not seeing instant gratification and ROI from your first couple of posts. 

Guest Bio:

Charlie Van Derven has coached and worked with financial professionals since 1998.

Throughout his career, Charlie has worked with recognizable names such as Morgan Stanley, LPL Financial, Farmers Insurance, UBS and others, to assist in developing digital strategy. This successful work with major firms gives Charlie a unique glimpse into the interaction between corporations and their sales channel, resulting in successful marketing and business development campaigns.

Charlie founded Social Advisors in 2013 after years of leadership roles with major marketing and business development firms in the industry. Social Advisors assists financial professionals in leveraging the best digital tools to engage and grow their networks, prospects and books of business.

Today, Social Advisors offers clients an entire complement of professional support. Their product suite provides all the knowledge and tools necessary for financial professionals to scale their business development.

As a father and husband, much of Charlie’s time outside the office is dedicated to family. In his spare time, you’ll find Charlie paddle boarding, golfing, RVing across the country or rehabbing his home in Florida.

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