Ep 78: Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes with Alex Cavalieri

About the Topic

Alex Cavalieri, Co-Founder and CEO of Advisor I/O (formerly Seven Group), Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Strategy at CION Investments, and host of “The Advisor Lab” podcast, joins me today on Bridging the Gap to discuss marketing mistakes. He shares stories about working with advisors and firms and the struggle that these firms have with delegation. Alex also shares how to understand your clients to better communicate, create content, and why this is so important. 

This conversation can help us, as advisors, better understand the need for marketing and targeting our niche, and can help you become a better marketer to your clients. 

Guest Bio:

Alex Cavalieri serves as a Co-Founder and CEO of Advisor I/O (formerly Seven Group), a platform to help advisors market better. He also hosts the Advisor Lab podcast – assisting advisors to build their practice the right way. Before joining CION Investments in 2017 to lead marketing, then launching Seven Group in 2019, Alex served as a Vice President at BlackRock, leading digital growth areas for iShares and BlackRock.com U.S. experiences.

Previously, Alex was responsible for developing and managing digital programs and experiences within the Retirement Marketing division and BlackRock’s Campus Recruiting. He’s also held various strategy, marketing, and sales roles at Glocal, Omni Corporation, and Workbridge Associates. Alex received his Bachelors in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University in 2010. Learn more about Advisor I/O, formerly Seven Group at: https://www.advisorio.co/

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