Ep 75: Guiding Your Client’s Financial Journey with Dave Connolly and Moira Summers

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We’re joined by two guests on today’s episode of Bridging The Gap. Dave Connolly, CEO and Co-Founder of Knudge, and Dr. Moira Summers, Financial Psychologist and Executive Coach, share how they help bridge the gap between financial motivations and systems that help clients reach their financial goals. 

We explore procrastination, three steps of implementation for your clients, the shared responsibility of implementation, what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to helping your clients reach financial goals, and more. 

We also dive into a conversation about how simple reminders from you as the advisor can have a huge impact on your clients’s financial journey. 

Guest Bios:

Dave Connolly, co-founder and CEO of Knudge, a platform that helps advisors manage their clients’ action items and automates follow up via email, text or push notifications to encourage their clients to get more done.

For over 20 years Dave has been designing and developing web based products. Former Lead User Interface Designer at Bain & Company – responsible for designing dozens of internal web based applications. More recently co-founder and CTO of HourlyNerd (now Catalant Technologies) an online marketplace that provides global enterprises access to business expertise on demand.

Dr. Moira Somers is a psychologist, family wealth consultant, and executive coach based in Manitoba, Canada. She is the behavioural strategist at Knudge (a FinTech company dedicated to improving follow-through on financial advice), as well as the founder of consulting company Money, Mind and Meaning. She is the author of Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People Will Follow.

Dr. Somers is a faculty member at the Ultra High Net Worth Institute and the Sudden Money Institute. Undergirding all of her work is her grounded and pragmatic approach to changing financial behaviours, attitudes, relationships and organizations for the greater good of individuals and society.

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Bridging the Gap is a financial podcast hosted by CEO Matt Reiner focused on bringing together leaders from the finance and the technology industries to focus on innovating the financial services industry.