Ep 159: Breaking Barriers with Lindsey Lewis on Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

In this episode of ‘Bridging the Gap,’ Lindsey Lewis and Matt Reiner delve into the intricacies of the financial advising landscape, shedding light on the challenges and prospects that define the industry’s current state. Lindsey shines a light on the industry’s struggle with new advisors dropping out and the imminent wave of retirements. She stresses the need for diversity, especially with women gaining more financial influence by 2030. Both Lindsey and Matt emphasize the importance of client communication amidst industry shifts, reminding us that financial advising is more about relationships than just numbers.

They talk about succession planning, mentorship for women, and help to debunk the myth of finance being a boys-only club. Lindsey pushes for inclusivity and proactive hiring to keep talent within firms, while also talking about the changing expectations of younger professionals and how firms need to adapt. They discuss how transparency and a focus on values are reshaping recruitment and retention strategies in the industry.

This episode highlights the need for mentorship to improve retention rates, looking beyond traditional talent pools for recruits, and fostering inclusive cultures within firms. They stress the value of mentorship and support from male allies and recommend resources like ‘Boundaries’ by Melissa Urban to navigate personal and professional boundaries. The bottom line: the financial advising industry needs to evolve with a fresh narrative that reflects its diverse talent and potential.

Timestamps From This Episode

[11:55] Financial professionals struggle with trust and understanding as there is a disconnect between their technical expertise and the needs of their clients. Despite many entering the industry to help and serve people, job descriptions often do not emphasize assisting with financial wellness and understanding clients’ goals. This leads to a lack of alignment between the recommendations and the specific needs of the clients.

[30:44] Encouraging women to apply for jobs earlier. Promoting inclusivity in hiring practices for diverse groups.

[33:11] Perception and diversity in financial services stagnate. Industry needs rebranding to reflect real world. Women representation in CFP profession remains unchanged. Efforts needed for progress and inclusivity.

[43:45] People seek new opportunities in post-COVID world, including using social media for networking and seeking career growth. Expect changes in work dynamics with private equity involvement.

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