Ep 157: Leading with Trust: Mary Schmid’s Insights on Change and the Brain

In the latest episode of the ‘Bridging the Gap’ featuring Mary Schmid, trainer for financial services professionals to translate brain science to powerfully lead meaningful conversations that build trust and long lasting partnerships. Matt and Mary delve into the neuroscience of leadership and effective communication strategies. They highlight the importance of establishing an emotional connection within the first 60 seconds of interaction, known as the ‘golden minute,’ to engage and captivate an audience.

Their conversation extends to exploring how leaders can foster connections to unlock individual potential, navigate psychological barriers to change, and apply brain science principles to enhance client interactions. From their rich dialogue comes actionable insights for professionals in the field: engage in co-creative conversations that prioritize collaboration and shared understanding, fostering deeper relationships and client involvement. Prepare clients for change by acknowledging the uncertainty it triggers in the brain, guiding them through resistance with gentle questioning, and positioning oneself as a supportive thinking partner. Employ thoughtful and targeted questions that encourage collaboration and introspection, enabling clients to explore their emotional responses to financial decisions and addressing fears and biases effectively. This conversation highlights the significance of integrating neuroscience principles into communication strategies, emphasizing trust-building and clarity as foundational elements in cultivating successful client relationships.

Timestamps From This Episode

[08:05] Building on core principles of brain science for effective leveraging.

[12:20] Prepare for conversation by calming your energy and focusing on the other person’s perspective. This approach removes yourself as the center of attention and helps you to cultivate a calm presence, signaling to the other person that you are a friend and not a threat.

[28:14] Influencing behavior in a social context is a challenge due to the emotional and social factors at play. People may resist making financially responsible choices because they fear judgment from their peers and strive to maintain their status. These emotions and social pressures are difficult to control, and individuals may not even be aware of how they are being influenced. Overcoming these drivers requires understanding and addressing these psychological and social dynamics to nudge individuals and families toward making more informed decisions.

[40:18] Create an emotional connection in the golden minute to capture attention and draw people in.

44:02] Change perspective to build trust and loyalty.

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