Ep 155: Embracing Change in Transcription Technology with Guest Corey Westphal

In the latest episode of Bridging the Gap, Corey Westphal founder and CEO of Mobile Assistant joins Matt Reiner to delve into the transformative impact of technology innovations in the fintech space. They explore topics like open APIs, AI in speech-to-text services, and the importance of accurate data capture. Corey emphasizes the need for advisors to adapt to new technologies and advocates for integrating efficient practices into existing platforms.

Throughout the discussion, Corey stresses the significance of structured post-meeting documentation and offers solutions like dictation templates to streamline processes. The conversation also highlights the importance of the cloud in enabling scalable infrastructure and addresses marketing strategies to illustrate the necessity of accurate transcription tools.

Looking to the future, Corey and Matt explore the potential of open architecture to revolutionize data sharing among systems, emphasizing the human element in fostering innovation. Corey points out the need for advisors to utilize existing integrations, prioritize structured data capture, and embrace open architecture to enhance interoperability and streamline workflows.

Timestamps From This Episode:
[16:20] Advisors prefer a reliable and secure voice-to-text service because they value accuracy in their notes and prioritize the security of their data. They are cautious about utilizing AI tools and seek compliance reviews to ensure their data is kept safe.
[33:11] AI integration requires organized systems, documentation, and standardization for consistent data presentation. Using a system like Mobile Assistant is crucial for maintaining data consistency. Adapt systems for AI advancements and standardize processes.
[39:45] Emphasis on human touch in technology in mission. Tech only goes so far, need right people to solve challenges and make a difference. Advisors should leverage technology and existing company integrations to improve efficiency.
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