Ep 153: Innovating Financial Education with Brent Neiser

In the latest episode of Bridging the Gap, your host, Matt Reiner, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Brent Neiser, the CEO of ‘What’s Next with Money.’ Beyond the confines of traditional financial planning methods, this episode explores the dynamic future of the industry, delving into Brent’s personal journey and evolution within the financial planning landscape. The dialogue emphasizes the vital role of adaptability for the industry when addressing diverse audiences, setting the stage for an insightful exploration of Brent’s innovative approach and impactful suggestions for simplifying financial advising.
This episode encapsulates the essence of Brent’s wisdom and experience. The conversation highlights the crucial importance of adapting communication strategies to suit the diverse backgrounds of clients. Brent’s creative approach through his YouTube channel serves as an inspiring example of leveraging digital platforms to enhance visibility and reach within the financial industry. The discussion underscores the ongoing shift towards fiduciary responsibility, emphasizing the flexibility needed in how planners serve their clients.
Brent leaves listeners with a lasting impression of the multifaceted nature of financial planning. His emphasis on listening to clients, involving them in community and family finance matters, and adopting a holistic approach underscores the evolving landscape of the financial sector. Brent’s experiences and insights project a fiduciary-focused future, reminding financial planners of their significant role in shaping legacies and fostering meaningful connections.
Timestamps From This Episode:
[04:57] Financial planners are important for public policy and community advocacy. The speaker highlighted the profession’s role in understanding clients’ concerns and societal trends. They also mentioned their desire to volunteer with the Institute of Certified Financial Planners.
[19:34] Encourage young planners to engage in pro bono work and public involvement. It’s about community concern and bringing financial knowledge to public discourse.
[30:33] Brent discusses the importance of public advertisements in funding registrations, the significance of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), the influence of personal and public statements by professionals, and the impact of financial education and accountability.
[35:12] Brent emphasizes living a life that demands an explanation, drawing on diverse influences and embracing a multidisciplinary approach.
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