Ep 144: Guiding RIA Firms with Intention, Innovation, and Operational Efficiency with Tammy Lee

This week on Bridging The Gap, Matt sits down with Tammy Lee, CFP® , Founder, Fractional COO, and Implementation Specialist at RIA Strategic Implementation & Execution (RIASIE), and Financial Advisor at U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors, as she shares her wisdom on operations, innovation, and leadership. Sharing her unplanned transition from aspiring writer to entering the finance realm, Tammy discusses how a job opportunity and a practical shift reshaped her career trajectory. Starting authentically in operations due to financial needs and the appeal of a bonus for passing crucial exams, she demonstrates the adaptability and tenacity that have become hallmarks of her career.

Diving into the operational aspects of a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, Matt and Tammy discuss the critical nature of consistency and developing procedures around clients’ diverse needs. Tammy stresses the value of reflective leadership, quoting a Greek philosopher to underline the importance of listening and understanding before speaking. They highlight how introverts’ input, diverse perspectives, and thoughtful preparation can enhance decision-making and result in a smarter, more inclusive team. Tammy advocates prioritizing meaningful changes and the dangers of pivoting practices without careful reevaluation to enhance the client’s experience.

The conversation pivots to innovation strategies, addressing the challenges faced by firms during demanding times and the imperative continuous investment in creativity. Tammy stresses the pivotal role of learning from external sources to drive innovation, citing instances from pioneering tech leaders like Google and Facebook. They finish off with concrete tactics for the audience, emphasizing an encouraging stance on advocacy and leadership. The episode reflects the idea of welcoming change, the strength of working together, and the positive impact of diverse voices in the finance industry.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:01:55] Tammy discusses her aspirations at the age of thirteen and elaborates on the journey that led her to her current position.

[00:07:30] Tammy discloses the most effective method she has observed for training teams, particularly in operational aspects, to establish procedures and provide consistent service to the end client.

[00:14:18] “H.P.P.O stands for the highest paid person’s opinion. That person can dominate the discussion and drown everybody else out and not necessarily be the best person to be speaking here. We want to encourage everybody to speak.”

[00:17:08] Tammy talks about how companies can adopt innovation in a way that moves them forward without disrupting their daily operations.

[00:22:54]  Tammy shares tips on promoting team development and overall growth. She also suggests practical methods for firms to help individuals and teams grow.

[00:35:27] “You and I might be really smart, but we’re never going to be smarter than, collectively, 15 other people put together.”

[00:37:12] Tammy provides a book recommendation for listeners. 

[00:38:55] Tammy shares a practical piece of advice that listeners can put into action to improve themselves or enhance their firm.

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