Ep 143: Reshaping Financial Advice Through Marketing, Differentiation, and Technology with Kelly Waltrich

This week on Bridging the Gap, Matt dives into the intricate world of marketing with Kelly Waltrich, former Chief Marketing Officer at eMoney Advisor and Orion Advisor Solutions, now CEO and Co-Founder at Intention.ly, Fintech and Martech Advisor, and Inaugural WealthManagement.com’s CMO of the Year. The conversation kicks off with Kelly’s journey from a thirteen-year-old entrepreneurially-minded individual selling ideas to her grandmother, to her strategic maneuvers through various financial sectors, ultimately leading to the launch of her marketing firm. The narrative chronicles her encounters with prominent fintech companies, emphasizing the significance of purposeful marketing. Her journey mirrors a commitment to continuous evolution and adaptability within the industry. Kelly’s story serves as a beacon for aspiring marketers and financial advisors alike, proving that a deliberate path combined with experience-driven growth is a compelling formula for success.

The episode further explores the common missteps in the financial advisory community’s approach to marketing, highlighting the reluctance to invest in what could be a business’s most potent growth engine. Kelly advocates for a customized approach, dismantling the myth of one-size-fits-all marketing solutions in favor of personalized strategies that resonate. She explores the hurdles encountered in her entrepreneurial path, highlighting the complexities of blending personal relationships with business. Her initial experience, where friends became her inaugural clients, became a pivotal lesson that reshaped her outlook on constructing a resilient business framework.

As the conversation continues, you’ll pick up valuable tips on how to match marketing plans with a company’s growth goals and set clear targets for smart marketing investments. Matt examines different marketing options, delving into how to attract clients and finding a balance between immediate successes and long-term strategies. The episode wraps up with a discussion about the future of financial advice. It touches on blending technology, understanding behavior, and creating customized experiences for different clients. 

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:02:47] Kelly recounts her path from the age of thirteen to the present day.

[00:07:19] Kelly unveils two lessons she had to confront, catching her by surprise with their unforeseen nature.

[00:15:31] Kelly outlines how advisors need to consider awareness versus conversion and how they can reframe their mentality. 

[00:21:44] Kelly shares the lessons she learned while collaborating with Daniel Crosby and the insights she has gathered in the past couple of years on integrating psychology and behaviors into marketing. 

[00:26:52] Matt asks Kelly, “Why do we need to change as an industry?”

[00:35:04] Kelly guides listeners through the implementation of AI in her firm, offering insights into how she envisions its impact unfolding.

[00:38:44] “So I think that people want to be involved in their finances. I think this generation wants to be really hands on and I think that we’re going to have to get creative around the ways that we’re delivering that service.”

[00:42:43] Kelly presents actionable advice for listeners. 

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