Ep 141: The Secret To Mastering Your Narrative and Crafting Your Unique Advisor Brand with Kristin Shea

This week, Matt Reiner teams up with Kristin Shea, RICP® , a true powerhouse in the finance industry. Some of her roles include Executive Producer of the “Do Business. Do Life.” Podcast, Best-Selling Author in Financial Services, Chief Product Officer at Triad Partners, and Education Outreach Advisor for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, among other roles as well.

Listen as Matt and Kristin engage in enlightening conversations on topics such as brand authenticity, the significance of transforming services into products, and the influence of social media in shaping robust brands. Leveraging her extensive experience in the finance industry, Kristin provides valuable insights into her journey from selling annuities to assisting advisors in expanding their businesses.

Kristin shares relatable analogies from Tim Ferriss’s book, “Tribe of Mentors” and McDonald’s success story to vividly explain how service professionals can turn their services into products. She highlights the need for systems and processes to provide consistency, while also discussing the power of personalization and authenticity in engaging your audience. Through her conversation with Matt, Kristin delves into practical insights on how advisors can effectively apply these concepts to foster the growth of a sustainable business.

Furthermore, Kristin explores important concepts like client experience and retention, as well as, the difference between success and significance. She offers her perspective on how advisors often burn themselves out in pursuit of success, suggesting a shift of focus to delivering fulfillment and happiness. Tune in to this insightful session filled with the fascinating personal journey of Kristin, who, from a thirteen-year-old with a multitude of interests, has gone on to make a significant impact in the finance industry.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:03:09] Kristin recounts her evolution from a thirteen-year-old girl to her current position in her professional journey.

[00:05:44] Kristin elaborates on one of the significant challenges she faced during the transition from selling annuities to entering the advisory business.

[00:11:41] “I think advisors want things done fast. And a lot of people make promises on things that can be delivered fast. But the reality is if you’re talking about a brand that doesn’t happen overnight, that’s the downside.”

[00:19:31] Kristin discusses the principle of the 3% rule in detail.

[00:25:40] “This is a people business, and the keyword of social media is social.”

[00:34:51] “There is a value in experiences.”

[00:44:09] Kristin guides us through the importance of starting with your “why,” offering an illustrative example with McDonald’s.

[00:51:51] Kristin recommends a book to the listeners.

[00:54:36] Kristin shares a unique piece of actionable advice for listeners. 

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