Ep 140: Amplifying Your Brand Presence with John Lenker and Kevin deLaplante

In this episode of Bridging the Gap, Matt sits down with John Lenker, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of LENKER, Owner of Wood + Metal Fabrications LLC, and Author, and Kevin deLaplante, Ph.D., Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer at LENKER, Founder of the Critical Thinker Academy, and Founder of the Argument Ninja Dojo. From personal branding to marketing strategies, John and Kevin share their insights and experiences in building successful businesses and cultivating their own unique brands. 

They discuss the importance of understanding how people learn in marketing, developing authenticity, and crafting a compelling value proposition. With practical advice and impactful stories, this episode offers knowledge on building a personal brand, staying focused in business, and creating lasting success in the competitive world of marketing.

John and Kevin explore the “Do Be Have” concept as a pathway to success, stressing the importance of being the right kind of person and putting in the required effort. They also touch upon the fragility of one’s reputation in the business world and stress the ongoing importance of maintaining authenticity, even as one reaches higher levels of success. Additionally, they shed light on the key elements of a brand: reach, reputation, and relationships. Furthermore, they share strategies for expanding brand reach and the importance of intentional influence and crafting a strong reputation over time.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, marketing professional, or simply interested in the dynamic world of business, this episode offers practical tips and inspiring stories to help you bridge the gap between academia and the professional world, and carve your own path to success.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:02:05] John recounts his journey from demonstrating persuasive abilities at a young age to his current position.

[00:03:12] Kevin discusses his life journey and the factors that have brought him to where he is now. 

[00:08:21] John discusses the establishment of his business and his role in supporting the organization’s marketing endeavors.

[00:09:32] “If marketers knew a little bit about how to properly educate people about the value proposition of what they’re offering, maybe they would be more efficient and more effective in the process of gaining market share.” John 

[00:19:39] Kevin talks through the three components of a brand.

[00:22:39] Matt and John discuss brand strategies and the importance of the value proposition.

[38:35] “You got to take the time to do the work, to become the person that has the insight.” John 

[00:42:04] Kevin recommends books for business orientation and personal branding in professional services.

[00:45:21] John shares actionable advice for listeners.

[00:48:33] “The market will evolve, you have to evolve with it and your authenticity is going to be strongest. You can have the most impact when people see you as committed to their ongoing role.” Kevin

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