Ep 138: Thinking Beyond Wealth: Unleashing the Power of Generosity with Bob DePasquale

In this episode of Bridging The Gap, Matt Reiner sits down with Bob DePasquale, CFP® CAP® , Founder of Initiate Impact, Chief Generosity Guy and Keynote Speaker at Bob DePasquale Media, and Author. Listen as Bob shares his personal journey and how a life-changing event at eighteen years old shaped his understanding of the world and the power of giving.

He explores the different ways we can be generous, including actively participating in organizations and helping people engage in acts of kindness through travel. Bob emphasizes how direct giving can attract devoted individuals and top talent to organizations. He talks through a touching story about Tim, a kind family man lost on 9/11. He also uncovers the emotional impact of Howard Lutnick’s post-9/11 press conference and how acts of giving trigger oxytocin release, fostering love and connection.

In the course of the episode, Matt and Bob delve into multiple facets of generosity, the intricacies of financial planning, and the journey of discovering one’s life purpose. Bob explores his approach to financial planning and details the psychological reasons behind the positive impact of generosity on well-being. Later in the episode, Bob unravels the distinction between generosity and radical generosity. His valuable insights and personal experiences take us on a comprehensive journey, diving into the impact of generosity on both individuals and society as a whole.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:01:50] Bob discusses his personal journey from his early teenage years to a pivotal event that turned his world upside down.

[00:09:03] Bob guides Matt through the experience of receiving life-altering news when he was just eighteen years old.

[00:13:50] Bob recalls where he was during the events of 9/11.

[00:22:16]  “It’s scientifically proven that giving is somewhat contagious, it’s exponential.”

[00:23:25] Bob elaborates on how the concept of generosity factors into the field of wealth management.

[00:26:50] Bob shares his perspective on how he approaches financial planning.

[00:29:18] Bob explains the difference between generosity and radical generosity.

[00:40:34] Bob leaves listeners with actionable advice.

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