Ep 137: Elevating Client Experience: The Power of Tech-Driven Solutions with Corey Westphal

In this episode of Bridging the Gap, Matt sits down with guest Corey Westphal, Founder and CEO of Mobile Assistant, an easy, secure and accurate way to document meeting notes and information. Join them as they delve into the world of accurate data and transcription services for financial advisors.

Corey emphasizes the value of precision amid rampant misinformation, and how his company aims for 99.6% accuracy through human reviews. They discuss accurate data’s role in maximizing AI tools and Mobile Assistant’s transformative transcription services in finance. Corey also explains how the idea of using dictation for financial advisors, inspired by the medical field, presented challenges and learning curves.

Additionally, Corey and Matt explore the developments in voice technology, its fusion with CRM systems like Redtail, and how technology can improve interactions between advisors and clients while streamlining operations. Corey provides valuable insights into the evolving role of technology in the financial industry, the pivotal role of precise data for advisors, the journey of Mobile Assistant, as well as the components for quality note-taking to achieve ideal dictation.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:01:26] Corey recounts his journey, beginning at the age of 13, which laid the groundwork for the establishment of his company.

[00:07:50] Corey outlines the hurdles he had to address in delivering efficiency and value.

[00:15:07] “How can we keep the human component and add technology to make them better?”

[00:21:16] Corey reveals the key components of high-quality notes for advisors when it comes to dictation.

[00:28:26] Matt seeks to understand how AI is contributing to the success of Corey’s business.

[00:32:07] Corey provides a book suggestion and briefly mentions his sister, who happens to be an author.

[00:38:12] Corey leaves the audience with an actionable piece of advice.

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