Ep 131: Using Frameworks and Life Planning to Transform the Financial Advisory Experience with Mark Akeroyd

Mark Akeroyd, Head of Product at Lumiant and Host of the Lumiant Live Podcast, joins Matt Reiner on this episode of Bridging the Gap to discuss the art of guiding clients and helping them define their best life. 

Mark opens up about his journey, and talks through how he went from initially wanting to be a sports journalist to working in the financial industry. 

Mark shares valuable insights on how financial advisors can become more than just money managers for their clients. He emphasizes the importance of providing clarity, defining clients’ best lives, and empowering them to make choices aligned with their values and goals. 

Mark also discusses the significance of frameworks, the role of practice and experience, and the value of difficult conversations in the advisor-client relationship.

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:00:51] Mark Akeroyd shares his journey.

[00:03:16] Mark Akeroyd talks through his interesting journey from high school to leadership. He shares how he learned through mentors, led financial advisors, and created consistent client experience.

[00:09:44] Mark Akeroyd talks through leading without bias and embracing individuality for success.

[00:14:02] Mark Akeroyd shares how he helps people find significance and live well.

[00:19:15] Mark Akeroyd shares how, utilizing a framework, Lumiant focuses on the eight dimensions of well-being. 

[00:23:37] Mark Akeroyd talks through how he helps clients balance choices and involve both spouses to increase success.

[00:28:33] Mark Akeroyd discusses how clients have varied experiences with financial planners. Some are surprised that advisors care about their values, while others find validation and empowerment in discussing non-financial topics. These conversations can lead to better financial decisions, such as downsizing a home and saving a significant amount of money. Financial advisors who are genuinely invested in their clients’ well-being are more likely to have meaningful discussions.

[00:32:26] Mark Akeroyd talks about guiding clients through life with clarity and practicing frameworks

[00:35:52] Mark Akeroyd talks about how Australia and the US have different regulations. Australians focus on reinventing the client experience, while Americans focus on differentiation and value propositions. The environments are different but the similarities are the same.

[00:38:24] Mark Akeroyd shares insights, resources, and guidance for financial advisors.


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