Ep 127: The Keys To Building Long-Term Client Relationships with Dominique Henderson

On today’s episode of Bridging the Gap, Matt is joined by Dominique Henderson, CFP® , Founder of DJH Capital Management, and Founder of The Jumpstart Coaching Lab. Dominique shares his inspiring journey from door knocking and phone calls to running his own successful company. 

Dominique highlights the significance of putting in diligent effort and the potential lifetime value of millionaire or decimillionaire clients. He also emphasizes the value of research and preparation, and even shares the benefits of hosting a dinner seminar for clients. 

Dominique dives into Price’s Law, his experiences in the financial industry, and his mission to change people’s family trees. 

Dominique also shares valuable advice on maintaining client relationships, staying in touch, and continually evolving to meet clients’ changing needs. He highlights the importance of consistent content creation, self-awareness, personal growth, and behavioral psychology as key elements to becoming successful in the financial advisory world.

Dominique Henderson Bio:

I began serving the financial industry in 1998.

As a personal mission statement, I believe that:

R.E.A.L. financial advice has the ability to change family trees, and everyone deserves an opportunity to change their family tree.

I’ve spent over two decades in financial services building a diverse skill set in project management, data analysis, investment research, portfolio management, financial planning, and business coaching. Prior to founding DJH Capital Management in 2016, I spent six years running a fixed-income trading desk, co-managing a client portfolio of nearly $500 million, and investing in real estate.

In 2019, I founded The Jumpstart Coaching Lab and started consulting other financial professionals. Based on my success as a financial professional, I felt this was a unique way to influence the “next generation” of men and women wanting to sit in the sacred seat of advisor.

Now as a 2x founder, I spend time helping both consumers and providers of financial services. DJH Capital Management focuses on helping clients make the “bigger, better” decision with their money while The Jumpstart Coaching Lab educates and coaches the next generation of financial professionals to serve the growing group of individuals seeking financial advice.

After COVID-19, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and complete my first book: Assess, Address & Adjust: A Practical Guide to Becoming Unstuck and Achieving Your Goals. I wrote this to provide insight into a collection of ideas and frameworks that I’ve been using over the years to help individuals achieve their goals.

I’ve been blessed to be named one of Investopedia’s 100 Top Financial Advisors in 2021 and 2022. I also had the fortune of releasing seven successful seasons of my podcast, Conversations for Financial Professionals, dedicated to helping both consumers and providers of financial services better understand the financial services industry with candid conversations.

And for the boring stuff…

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Prairie View A&M University (1998), my Master’s in Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management from Creighton University (2015), and I have earned the Certified Financial Planner designation.


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