Ep 125: Exploring the Boundaries of AI Technology with Angel Gonzalez

On this episode of Bridging The Gap, Matt is joined again by Angel Gonzalez, CMO and Co-Founder at Snappy Kraken, to dive deeper into the fascinating world of AI and the capabilities of ChatGPT.

Angel shares how he uses ChatGPT as a thought partner, assistant, and idea creation generator in his daily workflow. We talk through what ChatGPT means for the future of technology and human creativity, and how we can harness the potential of AI without sacrificing our unique perspectives.

We talk through how AI and ChatGPT are helping to bridge the gap between man and machine, and how we can leverage this for the wealth management industry. 

Learn more about how we’re incorporating AI to help advisors: snappykraken.com/bridging-the-gap

Angel D. Gonzalez Bio:

Angel D. Gonzalez is one of three founders and currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Snappy Kraken, overseeing the company’s brand, voice and content strategy. His big focus is in copywriting, marketing strategy, content creation, and product development. Angel spends a big part of his days connecting the different pieces of marketing campaigns and collaborating with his team.

“Our team is more like a rock band. We play our individual instruments, and we play well together. There are a couple huge benefits to thinking this way: First, it keeps our ego in check so we can collaborate easily and create something bigger than any of us could do on our own. And it reminds us that we have an obligation to inspire an audience and include them in the fun.”

Prior to founding Snappy Kraken with Robert and Brad, Angel was co-owner and founder of a digital agency which provided small businesses with website redesigns and marketing strategy. Along the way, Angel has served as a digital marketer and Director of Marketing for a financial marketing company.

“Marketing isn’t about one-off attempts at getting attention. You have to think in campaigns. You have to sweat upfront and be deliberate about all of the moving parts. But who has the time for that, especially if you’re running your own practice or serving clients? That’s why we built Snappy Kraken.”

Angel is practically a nomad. He resides mostly in Airbnb rentals near good food and large bodies of water. He loves techie gadgets, music, and movies…but he’s an obsessive freak when it comes to books. 

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:00:26] Angel talks through AI’s history, pre-ChatGPT, and future discussion.

[00:06:25] Angel shares how new technology brings hype and opportunities but will eventually become integrated and boring.

[00:09:21] Angel shares how he uses ChatGPT to drive efficiency.

[00:11:30] Angel shares how ChatGPT is a helpful writing tool.

[00:16:05] Angel talks through the enhanced email capabilities with AI suggestion features.

[00:18:55] Angel discusses the rise of content creation and how it’s flooding the market.

[00:22:29] Angel shares how he values authenticity and utilizes prompts effectively with ChatGPT.

[00:28:43] Angel talks through how ChatGPT simplifies tasks, uses hypotheticals, and avoids personal info.

[00:31:16] Angel discusses how future technology improves and becomes ingrained in workflow.

[00:35:00] Angel shares how his work has been revolutionized by technology but the transformation has been gradual over time.

[00:38:12] Angel talks through how innovation requires diverse ideas coming together.

[00:43:29] Angel shares how he uses AI for a competitive advantage and differentiation.

[00:47:01] Angel discusses how technology won’t replace everything.


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