Ep 123: Streamlining Processes in Wealth Management: How Automation Can Save Time and Improve Client Experience

On this episode of Bridging the Gap, our host Matt Reiner dives into the challenges we face as wealth management firms to provide consistent client experiences while constrained by the limitations of time. 

As advisors, time is crucial to our everyday interactions and operations with our clients. How do we scale our firms and continue to grow in the midst of never feeling like there is enough time? Enter automation.

Matt talks through workflow automation, the parallels of the adoption of online bill pay, and the future of automation in our industry. He also discusses the importance of documenting processes, the benefits of customization within automation systems, and how workflows in CRM tools can simplify and standardize processes.

Matt also shares tools to help you automate your processes to find the time to both serve clients and grow your firm. 

Timestamps From This Episode

[00:02:58] Matt talks through why automation is essential as our industry faces growth challenges.

[00:05:44] Matt shares how automation creates scalability, and talks through how tools like CRMs can help.

[00:09:18] Matt discusses how automating tasks can help customize documents and allow you to focus on processes.


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