Ep 120: The Power of Time Blocking and Motivational Interviewing for Effective Growth with Jeremy Keil

On this episode of Bridging the Gap, Matt is joined by Jeremy Keil, an entrepreneur, financial advisor at Keil Financial Partners, and the podcast host of Retirement Revealed.

Jeremy shares how he uses Surge Mindset, a method of time blocking and focusing on one task at a time to boost his productivity. He also addresses the importance of having a streamlined framework for marketing and how he finds the right team members for his business.

Jeremy talks through his approach of motivational interviewing with clients, which involves partnership, acceptance, compassion, and empathy, and how it can lead to empowered clients who make better financial decisions. Jeremy wraps up by sharing his niche in retirement planning, the challenges of financial planning, and the importance of diversifying client investments.


Timestamps From This Episode

[00:01:39] 13-year-old Jeremy Keil recalls wanting a Timex watch and shares what led him to became a financial advisor.

[00:06:04] Jeremy shares his mentality when it comes to advising his clients: Control what you can, protect what you can’t, and guide through change.

[00:09:46] Jeremy shares what is motivational interviewing and how he uses it to foster a belief in change to help his clients.

[00:13:35] Jeremy talks through financial advising as a partnership, and how he approaches his clients with empathy.

[00:16:56] Jeremy shares that his niche is retirement planning and how he embraces specificity.

[00:20:35] Jeremy talks through wearing multiple hats in his firm and how it leads to small business growth.

[00:24:03] Jeremy shares that his goal is to serve his clients and how he hasn’t given himself a upper limit on what that is.

[00:29:19] Jeremy talks through the framework he uses for marketing: brand, message, market. Spend on marketing for growth. Try different strategies.

[00:33:33] Jeremy shares how his podcast helps with brand awareness and training.

[00:37:21] Jeremy shares a book he believes everybody should read and how he uses it in his daily work. 

[00:39:21] Jeremy shares some of the tools he uses that can help other advisors: Google My Business, Moz Local.


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