Ep 119: Demonstrating Authenticity Within Your Niche on Social Media with Thomas Kopelman

Thomas Kopelman, Co-Founder of AllStreet Wealth, blogger, podcast host, and entrepreneur, joins Matt on today’s episode of Bridging the Gap. Thomas was recently named one of the Top 100 Advisors by Investopedia, one of the Top 23 Millennial Financial Advisors by Business Insider, and one of 2023’s Young Advisors to Watch. 

Thomas shares his journey of how he has used education-based content to attract clients and how he discovered his niche audience. He discusses the tools and resources he uses for content creation and management and emphasizes the importance of authenticity and building a brand that reflects your style.

Thomas also provides tips on creating attention-grabbing content and management expectations when it comes to social media success.


Timestamps From This Episode

[00:01:09] Thomas Kopelman shares his background from Chicago suburb to Indianapolis, from basketball to broker dealer and owning his own firm in a top suburb.

[00:04:48] Thomas Kopelman shares how basketball burnout led to meaningful entrepreneurship.

[00:08:13] Thomas Kopelman shares how he strives to excel at his strengths, delegate weaknesses, and stay growth-focused.

[00:12:40] Thomas Kopelman shares how he creates content ideas and his strategy behind those ideas that then become viral. He talks through how his marketing experts attract clients through content creation.

[00:23:17] Thomas Kopelman discusses managing expectations and creating hooks for content.

[00:27:52] Thomas talks through using stats and hooks, and how these work well for engagement.

[00:30:48] Thomas discusses utilizing efficient writing, repurposing content, and self-editing.

[00:33:51] Thomas shares being a podcast lover who consumes content for education quickly.

[00:37:37] Thomas Kopelman discusses Notion, a tool in his tech stack, and how he uses it as a business and personal organization tool.

[00:40:52] Thomas shares the one book and best podcast that he thinks everybody should read and listen to.

[00:45:29] Thomas shares his biggest piece of advice when it comes to content creation.


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