Ep 111: Creating Deeper and More Fulfilling Experiences for Clients with Brittany Anderson

Today’s episode features President and Partner at Sweet Financial Partners and podcast host Brittany Anderson. Brittany shares that the 13-year old version of herself wanted to be an actress, famous dancer, business woman, and an author. She describes her journey through the sciences into business management, which led her to the financial and wealth management world. 

Brittany shares that when you’re thinking about and shaping your future, there are a few characteristics we can embody: grit, drive, dreaming big, and giving yourself grace when things may not always go the way we think they will. 

Brittany talks about what sets Sweet Financial apart from the competition, and how true collaboration with their team and their clients allows them to become leaders to inspire those around them. She discusses their unique four-step process, which have become their guiding pillars to providing individualized client experiences.  

We also get into how Brittany and her team help clients by giving them resources, strategies, and how they can think through living a healthier, longer, and more resilient life. 

Brittany Anderson Bio:

Partner & President

Co-founder of Dare to Dream Enterprises

Author of 2 books – Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal & Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To

Brittany’s ability to lead and create a killer culture amongst the Sweet Financial team has earned her the title of “culture queen.” Since joining Sweet Financial Partners in 2008, her goal has been to help create a well‐oiled machine so the entire team can focus their days on creating an exceptional client experience. Her love of people and conviction behind inspiring everyone she touches to live as the best version of themselves, has influenced her role as a coach for our Women Forward and Smarter Business platforms. She helps to empower our Women Forward members to realize their full potential and aids business owners in streamlining & systematizing their companies, all while engaging their teams.

Earning her bachelor’s degree in business management from Minnesota State University, Brittany has always had a passion for understanding how to most effectively run and grow a business. Her drive and ambition contributes to her entrepreneurial nature. She has taken her business building and team engaging insights and has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and authors alike. She has shared her expertise through her contribution to three published books and will continue on with her love for writing as she is set to publish two additional books in 2021.

As one of our fearless leaders, entrepreneur, author, wife and mama of three, she currently lives in Sherburn with her husband, David, two daughters Jersey and Stella and son, Vincent. In her free time you can find her enjoying the outdoors, reading a good book, coming up with design ideas for the never ending remodel on their home or playing with her sweet babies.

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