Ep 104: Understanding the Emotional Side of Money Management with Robin Hanover

Today on Bridging the Gap, Matt is joined by Robin Hanover, RICP, the Founder and Thought Leader at Robin Hanover Financial Consulting and Coaching. In Robin’s words, every advisor should be asking their client: What is important to you about your money?

We dive into the importance of the relationship between client and advisor, the importance of a client referral, and her view on adopting the emotional side of the industry versus the analytical side. Robin also helps explain how advisors can help to psychologically rewire clients within their financial journey and how we can help them to understand that they are not stuck in their financial situation.

Robin also opens up about her journey of how she entered the financial industry and how she has landed her current career as a financial consultant, advisor, and coach who helps to support people struggling throughout their financial journey.

Robin Hanover Bio:

Robin Hanover is a Financial Consultant and Coach for purpose-driven individuals and business owners who want to make more money but are struggling with how to do it. They’re smart, but they feel overwhelmed with knowing what to do with their money once they make it. She helps them recognize the blocks that are holding them back and keeping them stuck from making and keeping the money they want.

When Robin was just 26, her father passed away which left her mother struggling financially. Witnessing her difficulties lit a fire under Robin, and today she’s more passionate than ever about helping others create their own financial peace of mind regardless of what happens in their lives.

Having been in the financial industry for almost 40 years, Robin brings not only her financial know-how, but her deep inner wisdom to her work. Couples, individuals, and business owners who need transformation not only on their money mindsets but on their overall financial well-being seek Robin out as an “analytical intuitive.” Through her one-on-one coaching, she provides step by step strategies tailored to each individual and their unique goals.

Robin has her Series 7, 66, and Life/Health/Annuity license. She also has her RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designation and her ChFC. She is originally from Napa, California and currently enjoying the salty air of Southwest Florida with her husband and her three rescue fur-kids. When she isn’t playing with numbers, she loves to curl up with a good book or watch movies with an amazing bottle of vino.

To schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session, you can reach her at robinhanover.com

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