Ep 103: Using Financial Psychology to Guide Our Clients with Alex Melkumian

Today’s episode of Bridging the Gap features Alex Melkumian, PsyD, LMFT, a financial psychologist, author, financial stress expert, and Founder of The Financial Psychology Center in California.

Alex opens up about the learning curve and culture shock he experienced when he moved to the United States from the Soviet Union. 

Alex and I dive into the client’s mind to understand stress, shame, and the inability of knowing what to ask, how to ask it, and the uncertainty of knowing what our clients mean when they are speaking. Clients are fearful of asking the wrong thing, but may not know what to ask and we have to help them with that. 

We also discuss financial literacy and the importance of financial psychology.

Alex Melkumian Bio:

Dr. Alex Melkumian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California. As a practicing clinician for the past 15 years Dr Melkumian has worked with populations ranging from the chronically acute, dually diagnosed patients to highly motivated individuals committed to self-improvement. He is an author and public speaker who works to bring people harmony and ease in their lives, no matter what the issue.

His experiences in the field have given him deep expertise in treating alcoholism and addiction, codependency, emotional disturbance, stress, self esteem, relationships, men’s issues, depression and anxiety. He has also proven to be a supportive career counselor, life coach and specializes in financial psychotherapy for those clients who find their emotional way of acting out is through their wallet or employment. You can find out more about his specialization in Financial Psychotherapy by visiting the Financial Psychology Center.

An immigrant from the Soviet Union he has lived in Los Angeles, California for more than twenty years basing both his studies and his practice there. Dr. Melkumian is married to his wife of ten years and father to two rambunctious children.

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