Bridging The Gap Episode 21 with Chad Centorbi

About the Show
Bridging the gap is an all-new podcast hosted by CEO Matt Reiner focused on bringing together leaders from the finance and the technology industries to focus on innovating the financial services industry.

About the guest

Industry veteran, a constant learner, tech-forward and visionary. These are just a few of the words that describe the conversation we had with the president and founder of Centorbi Financial Group. After becoming a full time agent for Franklin Life Insurance in 2001 (the company his dad worked for as well), Chad set out to build the wealth management arm for the business. And 3 years later he had done just that and created the wealth management arm for Franklin LIfe Insurance. Now, Centorbi Financial Group is a visionary RIA that is focused on adopting, implementing and integrating technologies to create operational efficiencies while providing a valuable and differentiated client experience. In this interview, we get to talk with Chad about the journey to innovating within financial services.

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