Bridging The Gap Episode 16 with Kristen Schmidt

About the Show
Bridging the gap is an all-new podcast hosted by CEO Matt Reiner focused on bringing together leaders from the finance and the technology industries to focus on innovating the financial services industry.

About the guest

Game-changer, builder of repeatable processes, operationalist and technologist… these are just some words and phrases I tookaway from my conversation with Kristen Schmidt of RIA Oasis. Kristen has such a passion around helping financial advisors build efficient andoperationally sound businesses, that she started her own consulting firm solely focused on financial services! After spending time working as an operations manager and then an implementation manager, Kristen spent time being an independent consultant with United Capital before going off on her own to really help advisors scale. Kristen understands the needs of leveraging technology, but more importantly the need for getting your processes in order first. This conversation isn’t just engaging, it’s packed with actionable takeaways.

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