Bridging The Gap Episode 02 with Josh Willner from Google

About the show
Bridging the gap is an all-new podcast hosted by CEO Matt Reiner focused on bringing together leaders from the finance and the technology industries to focus on innovating the financial services industry.

About the guest
Josh Willner is passionate, proven, results-oriented & growth-minded…Which explains how he picked up and moved across the country to work for Google. Josh is an experienced marketer that has worked with companies from startups to established Fortune-500 companies. Being a part of one of the behemoths, Google, Josh has the experience and foresight to understand where the puck is going with regards to marketing. Google isn’t just about search and AdWords, but also has a major bet on Video with their ownership in YouTube. Josh has experience getting prospects and clients to interact with brands and execute on the goals of brands. This is the type of experience and foresight that we all need in order to stay ahead of the curve and ensure we grow by attracting the right people.

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