About Matt Reiner

I’ve been fortunate to be around the wealth management business for over 25 years. Now, some of those were in my younger days, but being able to watch my dad build a successful (and now managing multiple billion in family monies) helped to shape the way I think about the business. After graduating from Arizona State University (I’m a huge Dawgs fan, but wasn’t able to get into the Harvard of the South!) I came back to Atlanta and joined up with the family business. I got my CFA designation within three years of graduating and quickly after passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER exam. I started managing individual family monies and managing our investment committee.

In 2014, I began to take over the reigns of our other wealth management business (Wela Strategies) that was focused on providing a personalized investment experience to individuals and families with under $250,000 of investable assets. In 2015 we began building our own technology solutions for Wela. We eventually built a direct to consumer application that allowed users to track their net worth, open investment accounts and set goals within both a desktop and mobile application. We grew this user base to over 40,000 users and have been able to build our wealth management assets to over $150 million. As we continued to see the innovation within the space, we continued to see the greater need of helping current financial service providers better integrate technology into their business to stay competitive via efficiencies, but also digital client experiences. The technologies that we had developed for our direct to consumer business, were applicable to the other financial services business. Our solution, Benjamin, is a platform that enables financial advisors and insurance agents to better communicate with prospects and clients to make it more scalable (and profitable) to grow your revenues. Given our experiences of building two wealth management firms, we were able to architect Benjamin to not only be efficient technology but to have the financial service provider’s processes in mind along the entire development cycle.

I’m fortunate enough to be married to an amazing and supportive wife, Hillary. In my free time, we enjoy traveling, trying new foods (big foodies), spending time on the Beltline or in Athens for Gameday and taking our pup on walks around the neighborhood in Virginia Highlands. You can also find me out on the golf course or watching any golf tournament, as my love of the sport continues to grow (even during those rough days on the course). Along with my passion for the Dawgs, I’m a huge Braves and Falcons fan. I’m an Atlanta homer and am always open to talk about the great things happening in our city.